Monday, April 9, 2018

Hidcote Manor Gardens

 Hidcote Manor Garden is located in Gloucestershire, England.  It's a ten-acre garden that surrounds an old English Manor. 


The gardens were constructed in 1905 by American, Lawrence Johnston.  He came to England after his mother purchased the Hidcote estate.  Johnston had a fascination with plants, especially rare trees and shrubs.  He indulged his passion by creating a series of outdoor rooms using box hedges and stone walls.  Each room has a different theme.


As you stroll through the gardens, you'll see roses, dahlias, lilies, topiaries (with whimsical shapes like snails and birds), ponds, and fountains.  Allow yourself a couple of hours to see everything.


  The garden is open from late March to early November.  Hours are 10 -6  every day except Thursday and Friday.  Admission is 10.00 British pounds for adults, and 5.00 British pounds for children.


  1. Hi Sherry - it was also a major influence in the arts and craft movement ... it must be an amazing garden to see - I know about it ... but have never visited - one day!! Cheers Hilary

  2. oh, I think one could spend a lifetime in the UK and never see all of the gardens. No doubt - splendid

  3. Outdoor rooms would be fun to explore.

  4. Oh how splendid it would be to visit!