Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Barnsley Gardens

Barnsley Gardens, located in Adairsville, Georgia, are 160-year-old gardens that feature over 200 varieties of heirloom roses.  It's a romantic getaway that's a setting for many weddings. In fact, I have personally played for many weddings here.

The original estate was a manor called Woodlands.  Construction began in 1840 by Godfrey Barnsley as a gift for his wife, Julie.  Unfortunately, Julie never lived to see its completion. She died in 1845 of a lung ailment.  After her death, construction ceased.  It is said that Julie's spirit appeared to Godfrey the following year, urging him to finish the estate for their children and future generations.

In 1991, Barnsley Gardens was opened to the public as a historical garden and museum.  Today it's a resort destination with luxurious cottages, a golf course, spa, hunting, fishing, hiking, and numerous other activities.

Admission to see the gardens is $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children.

And now something a little different to entertain you. Here's a video of a recent performance I did with the Gwinnett Symphony Orchestra. I am performing the Double Concerto for Viola and Clarinet by Bruch. The clarinetist is my friend, Diane Hargreaves. Hope you enjoy it.