Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How to Clean Garden Fountains

Last year, I posted these tips on how to clean garden fountains..  I thought I'd share them again, since it's the end of the summer, and many fountains probably need cleaning.

Fountains are beautiful additions to your garden, but if you don't clean them regularly, you'll notice algae growth and stinky, murky water.  Here's how to prevent problems.

1.  Skim debris out daily.  This is the best way to prevent problems.

2.  Do a full cleaning once a week (some people do this once a season, but I find it is better to do it once a week).  If your fountain came with instructions, read that first.

3.  Turn off the fountain pump and remove it.

4.  Drain the water.  A lot of fountains have drain plugs.  If yours has one, use it.  It makes the job easier.

5.  Remove any leftover debris.

6.  Wipe the fountain thoroughly with a rag.  If necessary, use a soft bristled tooth brush to remove algae. White vinegar can be used for stubborn stains, but test in a small area to make sure it won't hurt your fountain.

7.  Rinse the fountain with a hose.

8.  Clean the pump by removing the cover and picking out any debris that might be inside.

9.  Wipe the inside and outside of the pump and replace the cover.

10.  Re-fill your fountain with clean, fresh water.  There are special cleaning enzymes you can add to help keep the water clean.  You can get these at fountain supply stores.



  1. My wife wants a fountain. Maybe next year we'll get one.

    1. I love fountains. They add tranquility to a garden.

  2. I'll have my husband read this post - he's my cabana boy for all things around the pool. That includes the fountain. Usually, it's a wing and a prayer and we say "Yea!" in the spring when it works again. Ha!

    1. That's funny! You've been lucky if it still works, and you haven't done much to maintain it!

  3. wow, I didn't realise they needed that much maintenance. Still, I do love them so much.

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