Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ithica Children's Garden

The Ithica Children's Garden, located in Ithica, New York, was founded in 1997.  It covers three acres and features an assortment of gardens.  One of the most notable attractions, is a 30 foot by 60 foot snapping turtle named Gaia (from mythology, Gaia is Mother Earth).  On its back is a lunar calendar.

Other features include a Straw Bale Troll House, Wetlands, an edible garden where kids can harvest their own fruits and vegetables (like strawberries and asparagus), a Sod Salamander (and other sod sculptures), a meadow with lovely flowering perennials, a labyrinth, a bird habitat, and a large pinoak tree, affectionately called the "reading tree." 

The gardens are open daily from dawn to dusk.  Admission is free.


  1. That would be the only snapping turtle I'd want to go near.

  2. I like the way the concrete is interspersed with flowers.

  3. lovely and rather unique. Ithica is far north it gets a bit brisk. Best to see in the spring.
    Hope you are settling into your new home and loving the move. I'm sure you will when you aren't shoveling snow!

    1. I wonder if I'll miss shoveling snow. It's going to seem a little weird to not have to do it!

  4. Hi Sherry ... I'd read about that project - so this is interesting to see and how innovative ...

    Cheers Hilary

  5. An edible garden - that's a clever idea.