Monday, April 23, 2012

Tibilisi Botanical Garden

 Tibilisi Botanical Garden is located in Tibilisi, Georgia.  (That's Georgia near Russia - not the United States.)  It covers over 325 acres and contains roughly 3500 different types of plants.


The garden was founded in 1625, and was first known as the "royal gardens."  Today visitors can see flora and fauna from all over the world -China, Japan, Turkey, and North America.  The river Tsaukisistskali runs through the area.  Three large bridges cross over it, and under one is a beautiful waterfall, which is probably the main attraction of the garden.  The garden is also noted for its lovely peonies and iris.


The garden is open daily from dawn to dusk.


  1. Tibilisi Botanical Gardens is somewhere, I'd like to teleport to! So beautiful! I simply love the names of all of the gardens!

    Have a great day! Enjoy the remainder of the challenge!

  2. the top picture--looks like it could be in the us georgia--so lovely

  3. The gardens are beautiful! That waterfall is awesome.