Friday, March 30, 2012

Making a Spring Container Garden

  I thought I'd share a few ideas for making a spring container garden.  The first is using bulbs.  Now, it's a little late this year to do a bulb container garden, but you can keep this in mind for next year.  I will also share a few ideas for a garden you can create now.

To make a bulb container garden:

1.  Select a location that gets an adequate amount of sun.

2.  Choose a container that's large enough for the flowers and has good drainage.

3.  Decide what bulb arrangement you'd like.  I'd recommend using bulbs that flower at different times in the spring, so you have continuous color for a while.  Bulbs to consider are daffodils, tulips, crocus, and grape hyacinth.

4.  Fill your container with soil, leaving two inches at the top which will be used for mulch or moss.

5.  Place bulbs in  according to the directions on the packaging, taller ones in the center, three inches apart.  Cover with soil.  Fill the rest of the container with the mulch or moss.

6.  Take the container indoors if the weather gets too cold.

Now for some ideas for container gardens you can create now.  Of course you can use pansies and violets.  Those are always popular in the spring.  I happen to like primroses, so my suggestions are going to be for combinations with primroses:

Combination 1:  Use red and yellow primroses and combine with the purple foilage of amethyst mist coral bells, and grassy sprigs of Ogon Golden Variegated Sweet Flag.


Combination 2:  Use shocking pink primroses (vivid chic primrose in pink) and combine with white columbine, soft pink English daisies,  and ribbon grass.



  1. Great ideas. My container gardens are all vegetables and strawberries this year. Last year I tried transplanted daisies, but they weren't very happy.

    1. I have vegetable container gardens, too. They look just as pretty as flower container gardens.

  2. Sherry,
    Your garden looks so beautiful. Thanks for the container garden tip....Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Hi, I got to your blog from the A to Z challenge list. I absolutely love your Bulb container. I know its too late this year but it is on my list for next year. Thanks for the great tip.