Thursday, March 22, 2012


 Are your hyacinths up?  Mine are.  I just love these spring flowers!  Hyacinths are spring bulbs that can be recognized by their dense compact spike of bell-shaped flowers.  They are highly fragrant, and they come in a variety of colors:  white, peach, yellow, pink, purple, lavender, and blue.

Hyacinths are native to the Mediterranean region and Africa.  There's an interesting story from Greek mythology about the origin of hyacinths.  Here's the story:  Two gods, Apollo (the sun god) and Zephyr (the wind god) liked a Greek dude named Hyakinthos.  One day, Apollo decided to teach Hyakinthos how to throw a discus.  Well, Zephyr got jealous.  So what did he do?  He blew the discus back so that it hit Hyakinthos in the head and killed him.  (Dumb god!)  From his blood, grew a flower.  Apollo, grief-stricken, named the flower after him.

 Hyacinth bulbs should be planted in the fall before a frost.  Where I live, September is good.  Dig a hole 6-8 inches deep.  Set the bulb in the hole, making sure the neck is up.  Then cover with soil.  Space the bulbs 4-6 inches apart.  Make sure you give them plenty of water after planting.  In the spring, after the plants have finished flowering, you can cut back the flower stalks (or not, I sometimes leave mine on).  Just make sure you allow the leaves to die back naturally so the nutrients can go back into the bulb.


  1. They are beautiful flowers. Maybe I'll find a spot to plant a few of the bulbs this fall.

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