Thursday, February 16, 2012


The Spindleberry is a large, shrubby tree that is native to Great Britain.  It's a fast growing plant that's perfect for hedges or rough screening.
The Spindleberry grows well in alkoline soil.  It's a great plant for the fall and winter months, because its tough, leathery, narrow leaves turn a gorgeous reddish purple color in the fall.  It also has some unusual reddish-pink "berries" that can be a conversation piece for people admiring your garden.  Cornus stolonifera Red Stem Dogwood fall colorRed Stemmed Cornus (Dogwood)

If you'd like to create a natural looking garden with the Spindleberry, I would suggest pairing it with the Red Stemmed Cornus, pictured above.  It also grows naturally in the wild, and would add even more color to your fall or winter garden.  Just be aware that the "berries" of the Spindleberry are poisoness to humans, so keep small children away from them.