Friday, February 10, 2012

Making a Winter Hanging Basket

In previous posts, I've talked about how to make winter container gardens and winter flower boxes.  Today I'll go through how to make a winter hanging basket.

1. First, select your flowers.  Although pansies will flower in mild winter temperatures, I would suggest something that will bloom and add color in the frostiest of winter months.  Think heathers, or dwarf berry shrubs such as gaultherias.  The Lenten rose, giant snow drop, or cyclamen, would also be good choices.
Lenten rose Giant snow drop

Gaultherias     Heather

2. Use ivy for winter green.  Surprisingly, ivy grows in the winter, and there's such a variety of leaf shape and color.

3. Use tiny dwarf conifers for contrast, or Rubella, which has red-edged leaves and pink flower buds.


4. Select a strong basket with good drainage.  Place the basket on a pot to keep it steady as you plant.  Line the basket with a layer of moss, or with one of those coconut fiber basket liners.

5. Fill half to two thirds of the basket with potting soil.

6. Add the plants.  Plant the tallest or largest in the center, and plant the ivy along the outside so it can hang down over the basket.

7. Fill in the rest of the space with more soil, mulch, or florist moss.

8.  Don't use too many plant choices.  I like two, but you can use three if you have the space, and it doesn't look too busy.

9. Keep your basket in a sheltered spot like a covered porch to give your plants some protection from blustery winter winds.

Note:  The top basket is a Martha Stewart basket.  If you want to know how to make it go here.

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