Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Getty Museum Gardens


The Getty Museum Gardens are located in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles, California.  The property covers 24 acres, and features a 134,000 square foot Central Garden.  In this garden, a tree-lined walkway crosses over a stream  which eventually leads to a round pool.  In the pool, is a stunning maze of azaleas.  It's really quite a sight to see.

 In addition to the Central Garden, visitors can also see a cactus garden with spectacular views of the mountains, the Pacific Ocean, and Los Angeles.
The gardens are open Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM.  Admission is free, but parking is $15.00.


  1. If only it wasn't in crappy California...

    1. California is a mess right now. That's for sure!

  2. I went one time but way back then you had to have a ticket ahead of schedule. I had no idea and was very disappointed. Seeing these pics - I'll have to try again someday. And I love CA - wouldn't want to live there unless I was rich, but it's cool to visit.

    1. I wouldn't want to live in California, either. But the gardens are pretty.

  3. Hi Sherry - that azalea maze is just brilliant isn't it ... I'd love to see the museum and the gardens - sadly unlikely ... cheers for now - Hilary

    1. I would have never thought to make an azalea maze. It sure is pretty!

  4. I guess azaleas grow everywhere. They are very common here in NC.

  5. We were lucky enough to visit the Getty museum. We phoned ahead and they just had a cancellation. We weren't aware of the gardens!
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  6. If you ever come again, you'll have to find them.

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