Sunday, November 30, 2014

Key West Garden Center and West Martello Tower

Key West Garden Center and West Martello Tower is located in Key West, Florida.  The ruins of an old civil war fort are home to the Joe Allen Garden Center and Key West Garden Club.  There are many native exotic trees and plants, including orchids, growing within these ruins.  A gazebo that overlooks the ocean, is a perfect back drop for weddings or for enjoying gentle sea breezes. Visitors will also see a lovely waterlily pond and waterfall.

The Key West Garden Center boasts that it is one of the island's last free tourist attractions.  The gardens are open from dawn to dusk.


  1. That's interesting because Martello Towers are the defensive structures built along the British coast as defence against a possible invasion by Napoleon!
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  2. Sounds like a great place to check out. And you can't beat free!

  3. I love FL but have not made it to Key West - one more reason to go. Sounds lovely

    1. There's lots to do in Key West, especially if you like the water.

  4. Hi Sherry - a pretty warm garden with some delightful planting would do me good now - sitting inside in the gloom of a grey day - still it's not covered in snow ... cheers Hilary