Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Cyclamen are plants that bloom and grow in the autumn and winter. Their bright green leaves and white, red,  pink, or purple blossoms,   make them a perfect addition to your winter garden.  There are many varieties of cyclamen.  The cyclamen purpuascens and cyclamen coum are a couple that are hardy in USDA zone 7 and above.

You may find cyclamen at your local florist or grocery store.  These are not hardy.  They are called cyclamen persicum, also known as the Florist's cyclamen.  You will see these on sale usually in the fall or winter. Here's how to care for your indoor cyclamen:  Water whenever the soil feels dry.  When the flowers begin to fade, allow the plant to dry out for two to three months.  The plant will go into a dormant stage.  New growth will appear in September.  When this happens, you can resume watering and feeding.  Cyclamens like bright, indirect light.  If you brought your plant outside, be sure to bring it back inside before the cold weather returns.

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