Sunday, April 28, 2013

Yampa River Botanic Park

Yampa River Botanic Park is located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  It is situated in a valley beside the Yampa river at an altitude of 6800 feet above sea level.  The park is absolutely lovely.  It contains six acres of ponds, sculptures, and over 40 gardens.  Some of these are a butterfly garden, children's garden, herb garden, hummingbird garden, pioneer garden, and a tranquility garden.

The gardens are open from May through October from dawn to dusk.  Admission is free.


  1. I imagine it would be a little chilly in October!

  2. Hi Sherry,

    That's quite the elevation for a botanic park. The pictures do indeed reveal a gorgeous place. And the price is right.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend, Sherry.

    Gary :)

    1. It is a beautiful place. I did have a lovely weekend. I hope you did as well!

  3. Hi Sherry .. that's really quite high - and I'd love to visit too .. Yampa such a lovely name .. cheers Hilary

  4. That's gorgeous!
    Hope you've enjoyed your A to Z-ing
    Jemima at Jemima's blog