Wednesday, July 18, 2018

RHS Wisley Garden

The Royal Horticultural Society's Wisley Garden is a 240 acre garden located in Woking, Surrey, England.  It's the place where gardeners go to get inspired.  It includes model gardens for different kinds of homes, rose gardens, a glass house with tropical plants, and a demonstration garden full of design ideas and cultivation techniques.


The garden is open year-round, Monday -Friday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.  Admission for adults is 11.85 British pounds, and 5.10 British pounds for children.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Palaise Het Loo

 Palais Het Loo is a Dutch baroque garden in the Netherlands which was made in 1684 by William and Mary, the same people who later became king and queen of England.

Palais Het Loo has been called the "Versaille of Holland" because of the layout, fountains, and statues.  As is typical of Baroque gardens, they follow perfect symmetry.  Within the gardens are four individual gardens:  a King's garden which has a bowling green, a Lower garden with beautiful statues, a Queen's garden, which was the private garden of Queen Mary, and an Upper garden.

If you visit the gardens in warmer months, you'll see orange trees planted in square white tubs.  These are placed in the garden as an emblem of the Prince of Orange.  They are returned to the orangery in the colder months.

The garden is open year round Tuesday through Sunday from 10 -5.  Admission is 12.50 euros for adults and 4.00 euros for children.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Devonian Botanical Garden

 The Devonian Botanical Gardens are located in Edmonton, Canada.  They were started in 1959, and contain over 190 acres of manicured gardens, woodlands, and hiking trails.


There are eleven featured gardens, including a butterfly house, a cactus house, an ornamental flower garden, a native Indian garden, an alpine garden, and my personal favorite, the Kurimoto Japanese Garden.  The Japanese garden is five acres of ponds, waterfalls, grassy hills, and numerous Japanese sculptures.     

 The gardens are open every day except Thursday, from 10 AM -6 PM.  Admission is free, unless you want a private guided tour.  Admission for that is 13 Canadian dollars.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Shalimar Gardens in Srinagar

The Shalimar Gardens of Srinagar are located near Dal Lake, India.
These gardens were laid out in 1616 by Emperor Jahangir, while he was founding the city of Srinagar. They were a gift for his wife, Nur Jahan.

They cover nearly twenty acres, and feature fountains, shaded trees, and gorgeous flowers that are in bloom during the spring and fall months.
If you happen to visit the gardens any time from May to October, be sure to stick around for the sound and light show that's put on every evening.  It's simply spectacular!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Butchart Gardens

The Butchart Gardens, located near Victoria, British Columbia, Canada on Vancouver Island, contains 55 acres of simply gorgeous floral gardens.

In 1907, garden designer, Isaburo Kishida, came to Victoria to build a tea garden for Esquimalt Gorge Park.  A prominent citizen of the area, Jennie Butchart, saw the garden and commissioned Kishida to create Japanese gardens for her estate.  In 1909, the suken garden was created, followed by a rose garden and Italian garden.  

Ownership of the gardens remains within the Butchart family, but they are open to the public. The gardens are open every day from 9AM to 4 PM, except for Christmas, where the gardens open at 1:00 PM.  Admission prices range from $3.00 for children, to $29.00 for adults, depending on the season you visit.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Villa Lante Garden

 Villa Lante Garden, located in Bagnaia, Italy, is a formal Italian garden that covers about fifty acres.  It was designed for Cardinal Gambara in 1568 who lived there in the Villa.  It's a tribute to the lavish lifestyle for those high ranking officials in the Catholic Church at that time. 

Water from nearby Monte Cimino flows down to the fountains of the villa.  From there, it flows down a series of terraces until it reaches the central pool of the regal garden.  It's really a sight to see!

 As you wander through the garden, you will sees statues, grottos, box hedges, and of course, a lot of fountains.
 The garden is open everyday except Monday.  Hours are 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM in the winter, and 9:00 AM - 7:30 PM in the summer.  Admission is 2 euros.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Boboli Gardens

The Boboli gardens are formal 16th century gardens located in Florence, Italy.  They are built on the slopes of Boboli Hill, behind the Pitti Palace, home of the famous Medici family in 1550.

The gardens feature a lot of statues, fountains, and even an amphitheater.  Visitors can walk along white pebbled paths, admiring the cypress trees and statues.  The gardens provide a quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of the busy city of Florence.
The Boboli Gardens are open daily from 9 AM until one hour before sunset.  Admission is 3 euros.