Thursday, June 27, 2013

Shalimar Gardens in Srinagar

Previously, I posted about the Shalimar Gardens of Lahore.  These are located in Pakistan.  The gardens I write about today are located in the city of Srinagar, near Dal Lake, India.  The Shalimar Gardens were laid out in 1616 by Emperor Jahnagir while he was founding the city.  They were a gift for his wife, Nur Jahan.

They cover nearly twenty acres and feature fountains, shaded trees, and gorgeous flowers that are in bloom during the spring and fall months.

If you happen to visit the gardens any time from May to October, be sure to stick around for the sound and light show that's put on every evening.  It's simply spectacular!


  1. It's beautiful ^^

    I love your blog - Please come visit my world :)

  2. A gift to his wife? Makes the single rose I gave my wife last month look pathetic.

    1. But I'm sure your rose was appreciated just as much!

  3. Most people probably won't be able to see this in person. It is beautiful, though!